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Setting the Stage and Selling Your Home Faster

Getting Ready for the Stars Concert in Calgary

It can be hard to tell what is real, and what is false on social media. Will Shakespeare wrote from experience when he said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. And one man in his time plays many parts …” Marketing is very much like that! We may buy illusions that exist only in our minds. A garment that looks so good on a handsome mannequin we believe we can assume the persona.

Houses have many personas too. They can look so spick and span they seem almost antiseptic. At other times they are so run down nobody wants to enter. Homes for sale are stages where buyers act out their fantasies, and imagine their dreams’ fulfillment. Staging is a marketing technique that makes them feel “This is me. I found home.”


First Principles of Staging: Setting the Scene


Home staging is a technique that makes your home look its very best. It can be a pain keeping it that way, day in and day out. Hence, we look for things we can do at the last minute. Things like opening the doors and windows, turning on lights in dark corners, arranging cushions nicely, and, if we have time setting a posy of fresh flowers in the hall.

It is also very important to manage first impressions. The best way is to start outside the property at the curb, and then very mindfully enter through the gate noticing any sights, and sounds and smells that might offend. Did the gate hinge squeak, is the pool full of leaves, and is that pile of garbage still in the garden? A friend may be able to help spot the obvious you longer see.


The Impression You Are Trying to Create


Never deliberately try to conceal serious defects, for this could get you into difficulties after the buyer moves in. Concentrate on emphasizing how clean and well-maintained your home is. Play with all the senses. Have quiet music playing softly in the bedroom, and coffee beans roasting in the kitchen. Make your home appear happily lived in, for this is bound to attract. There really is no other alternative.

If you still can’t sell your home, why not give Stonegate Equity Ltd. a try. We are deeply into real estate in Calgary, and have a number of potential investors on our books. If your home is a little run down and you are unable to fix it, we could match you with a buyer who can see past details to real value.

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