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Many Calgary homeowners are keen to sell their homes themselves. This is understandable, given the high rates of commission realtors charge. These sellers argue they should only pay the agent’s outgoings with regard to their particular house, plus a percentage to cover their time and overheads. Nothing could be further from the truth, as many property owners already know.


The Canadian Real Estate Industry is Hugely Inefficient


The Canadian real estate industry is hugely inefficient. Realtors spent most time going round in circles, and searching multi-listing sites for more stock. In reality, they often close far fewer deals than their websites may suggest. Therefore, when they sell a home they expect that client to subsidize their other unproductive activity. Many sellers become for sale by owners because they cannot justify these high rates in their minds.

Unfortunately for them, realtors find their postings on the internet and call in hope of securing a mandate to sell. Some try to bond first before disclosing their real interest. Even those honest and upfront have a formidable armoury of arguments they can deploy to change a seller’s mind. These include shielding for sale by owners from thieves staking them out for robberies, and private deals failing to complete after long delays.

How For Sale By Owners Burn Out and Give Up


Attempting to sell your own home can be pain. You have to keep it in showroom condition because buyers are always impatient to view. Moreover, many of the calls are from realtors ‘just staying touch to see how you are doing’. Eventually, most sellers burn out and list with agents. Many months may elapse before they finally get their money, if at all. Find a better way here.


How the Time Value of Money Increases Selling Costs


Time value of money theory states it is better to sell a property fast because we can invest the proceeds, and earn interest from it. Conversely, the proceeds from the sale remain fixed until the deal completes. The Canadian real estate industry runs counter to the time value principle, because it arguably slows sales down.

Stonegate Equity Ltd. (587) 500-0417 puts the proceeds in your pocket sooner. If you have a property to sell in Calgary, we could agree a deal within three days. We are local, we are niche, we have funds, this is what we do extremely well.

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