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There may come a time in all our lives when it no longer makes sense to keep a larger home. Perhaps you have already reached that point, and are considering selling. If so, you will be delighted how many of the hidden costs of home ownership vanish like morning mist, when we downsize to condo-model townhouses, or perhaps rent for a while so we can look around.


A Few Reasons Why You May Be Considering the Idea


Perhaps the kids have flown the nest, and you no longer need a large garden for them to burn off steam. Needs expand to fill available space, and so their bedrooms are full of clutter you may never require again. Why pay property taxes on rooms you no longer use. Save the money for a few years. Manage the real estate industry to your advantage. Then take a short holiday on the proceeds.

That idle garden is also costing money. When you add the cost of garden service, fertiliser, water, and so on you may begin to wonder why you do all this, when Calgary has so many fabulous parks and open recreational spaces. Now if you were in a condo-like arrangement that would be part of the levy, and you could watch someone else pushing the lawnmower too

However, the biggest potential cost of all is an unexpected high maintenance bill, when you discover that old house needs a new roof and cedar siding. If you have retired, your pension may not cover these hidden costs of home ownership you did not plan for. You will have dip into capital. Capital that you may never be able to recover again.

When you purchased your home those years ago, property rates and taxes were far lower than they are now. Moreover, utilities keep creeping up more rapidly than inflation. Many Calgary homeowners are discovering the savings that would accrue, if they sold, invested the capital and rented a property instead.


How We Process Properties Faster in Calgary than Realtors


If you decide to sell your house, you should be talking to Stonegate Equity Ltd. first. Our rates are lower than realtors’ are, and we broker home sales faster than they do in Calgary too. How is this possible? It is simple really, no rocket science at all. We focus on fewer properties, and we negotiate fairer prices for homeowners every time. Call (587) 500-0417 soon. We have qualified buyers now.

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