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High Density Calgary Living


The multiple listing service that real estate boards and associations in Canada offer, is a great way to get the news out your home is for sale. Unfortunately, half of the rest of Canada knows this too, making this part of cyber space particularly cluttered. Notice how little initial exposure you get when you visit a typical results page. The photo shows it all and first impressions count.

Try clicking on an entry and going to the multiple listing service details. Naturally, you will want to scroll through the photos first. Realtors seldom bother to set the stage. We have lost count of the number of images we have seen of toilet seats up, unmade beds, clothes strewn over floors, and rubbish in gardens. Sometimes we gain the impression realtors have so many properties they have little time to care..

Creating the Right Impression on a Multiple Listing Service

Your goal is to have your home stand out in the preview photo, and follow through with the other images. Creating kerb appeal begins with the view from the street. Buyers in Calgary are becoming selective. They are looking for move-in ready property in clean and well-kept condition, especially in certain areas. You need to create the right impression to sell your home fast.

Tidy up the garden and plant a few flowering shrubs. You should get the couple of hundred dollars back with interest from a faster sale. If the fence is a bit tumble down, sort it out. Then clean up the front door so it says welcome, do come in and look around, by all means.

Walk through the various rooms in the house with a good friend. Share your impressions with fresh eyes. Are there ways to rearrange the furniture so the rooms appear more spacious and balanced? Go out the back door into the garden. Is your home good to go, or does it need working on. Perhaps you should just sell for what you can get.

You Could Do Better with Stonegate Equity Limited

Multiple listing service sites are the worst place to advertise, because their choice is too broad for buyers to make up their minds. We have astute investors on our books. They look past minor details because they know beauty is more than skin deep. Contact Stonegate Equity Limited in Calgary by calling 403 829-1661, or send an email message. A dedicated consultant will call you back soon.

Image: High Density Calgary Living: Eileen Mak BY CC 2.0