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Older Calgary

All buildings have a life cycle, although we can extend this by caring for them. The cycle begins when we create the foundations. If these are weak, the structure may not withstand the stresses and strains of nature. Once we have the walls up we can weatherproof the building, add the reticulation and finish off outside.

What Happens When the Waterproofing Starts to Fail

Buildings are not the same as termite mounds insects repair from inside, in the event of damage. A single lost tile or strip of siding can admit a surprising amount of water, and eventually weaken the walls and the foundations over time too. Permanent moisture can rot the roof timbers. A stitch in time saves nine, the old timers said. Although not all Calgary homeowners are that hot on property maintenance.

Problems Growing through the Paving in the Yard Outside

For some reason we cannot quite put out finger on – although it could be cost – few building contractors attend properly to what happens to the water after it leaves the roof and tumbles down the gutters. The force of water was sufficient to carve out Horseshoe Creek in the Alberta Badlands. Paving does not have a chance of resisting this, without a helping hand from maintenance.

As weeds grow between the cracks, their roots begin to spread below. Within a few months, these can thicken up and lift the paving. Uncontrolled melt and rain find cavities to explore. The moisture transfers across to the building. The house becomes mouldy inside. It is no longer a nice place to be at all.

What Happens to a Home no Longer Loved This Way

Almost inevitably, the homeowner becomes disenchanted with their dilapidated property. However, they cannot sell for the price they need to recover their cost, plus some capital return. They either decide to stay on and make the most of it, or rent to a tenant without the slightest interest in it.

The old home continues to decay, as small problems become large ones in the absence of proper maintenance. The owner cannot afford the hefty repair costs looming. No retail buyer will touch the property. Nor will any banker extend a loan against it. Are properties like these doomed?

Years of deferred maintenance may result in hefty repair costs in older homes. Stonegate Equity has the imagination to see past the obvious that scares off most private retail buyers. You really should speak to us if you have rundown property at a decent address. We specialise in purchasing properties that will scare away most retail buyers. And we buy them fast. Call (587) 500-0417 soon. We are in the market to buy now.

Image Older Calgary: Jon Ross BY CC 2.0