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how to manage the real estate industry

Now All I Need Is a Buyer

Most realtors use a shotgun approach, intending to sell at least a few properties a month. By the law of averages, they will fail to sell most of the properties they list, because of huge internal competition in the industry. Thus, your property may achieve little more than creating the impression they are successful. If you do not know how to manage the real estate industry, chances are good you will come off second best.

Why Is This So? How Could This Happen to Me?

Property value is not absolute. The market goes up and down like a ship’s rope ladder in the tide. Realtors value properties according to recent sales. They subtract value from a subject property e.g. if it does not have a double garage. By the same token, they may add value e.g. if a property has its own independent off-grid electricity supply.

Realtors also use comparisons to sell properties too. They may show a buyer several unsuitable properties first, and then take them to a more suitable one later. It is not uncommon for them to say, “compared to the homes you saw yesterday, this is the one you should buy.

This process puts a genuine seller through unnecessary frustration and stress. They have to keep their property in tip-top condition for visits that seldom materialize into anything concrete. Their normal programs are in tatters. They have to dash home from shopping, or take time off from work for showings that are almost invariably futile.

It is a real shame most Calgary property sellers do not know how to manage the real estate industry to their advantage. To add insult to injury their homes take longer to sell than our way, if at all. Please read on for a better, Stonegate way to sell property in Calgary fast.

How to Manage the Real Estate Industry Using Stonegate

Some realtors may go as far as overvaluing a property initially. They then use this to their advantage to sell other, more reasonably priced homes on their books. Later, they may blame the seller for ‘asking too much for their property’. We do things differently at Stonegate. We value homes honestly according to recent sales that resulted in transfer of ownership.

We also pre-qualify buyers to ensure they are genuine purchasers, and can afford to buy within their price range. We will never show your home to anybody who is not a suitable match. We will only bring people with a strong likelihood to purchase. We take properties on to sell fast, not to use them as comparables. Our rates are far lower because we are simply more efficient. Give us a try. Need to sell a property quickly? Call us on (587) 500-0417 in Calgary today.

Image: Now All I Need Is a Buyer: Jerry Charlton BY CC 2.0