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trouble tenants

Tenant Trouble: J Bussoli BY CC 2.0

Tenants and rental property could go together like a horse and carriage, but they don’t always do so. Renters can come and go as they like in an oversupply situation with a surplus of property. They are a bit like employees in this regard, with scarce skills employers must hang on to as they best they can. Landlords in Calgary are currently dealing with a number of trouble tenants almost impossible to force out before the lease ends.


How Trouble Tenants Get Their Hooks on Property


Serial trouble tenants are experts in duping property owners, especially private citizens renting for the first time. Here are two ‘old chestnuts’ that pop up year after year when property owners don’t use a checklist.

# A property owner advertises a cottage in their garden only suitable for a single person. They agree a lease with an ‘ever-so-nice’ young man. Two weeks later, he introduces a girlfriend staying over for a few days. Their few days roll into months. They steal the light fittings before they move out.

# An elderly Calgary couple decide to rent their house to a young family while they enjoy a three-month holiday with their kids in Australia. When they return earlier after a neighbour’s tipoff, they find their garden transformed into a builder’s yard with heavy vehicles in the driveway. What are they to do, when the conversation turns unpleasant and they feel their home is at risk?


How Rushing to Fill a Vacancy Can End with Trouble Tenants


It can take a week to find a decent tenant, and vet their background for integrity. However some property owners panic when a tenant suddenly vacates, and they need the rent to protect their credit. When they realise they have to refund the deposit too, panic sets in as they lie awake at night.

This can be the moment they take a risky shift decision to choose the best renter from a bad bunch. Their error in judgement can become a real disaster. Especially when they discover the tenant has occupation rights for the duration of the lease, and they cannot sell the property they now wish they never owned.


We Can Take Over a Property Regardless of the Tenant


Stonegate Equity info@stonegateequity.com can take over a property regardless of the tenant situation. Speak to us first by calling (587) 500-0417 for a fair deal, and a great, market-related price. Just think, you could be free of your trouble tenants in a few days.