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All Day to Get There on Engine 2024 in Heritage Park

The other day we needed an experienced service provider to fix the dishwasher at home that was leaking. We had relatives staying for a week, it being the height of summer. Our crockery and cutlery were already in short supply before the appliance failed. We needed to find a company in Calgary with fast response times.

Finding Fast Response Times Should Be Easy

Finding a company with fast response times in Calgary should be easy, or so we thought. After all, our local economy is still sluggish with depressed oil prices. Our biggest problem was choosing three to call from the dozens we found on the internet after two minutes on Google.

A person we call ‘George’ for anonymity’s sake, answered after a few rings. He was friendly and knowledgeable. “Sure I can help you,” he said. “Say tomorrow after lunch.” We gratefully accepted. We called the other two numbers as a banker. One never answered. The other went to voicemail and we left a message but nobody called back.

Tomorrow lunchtime passed without ‘George’ coming back to us. He may have a problem, we thought. Let’s leave it until tomorrow. Later the next morning we made a follow-up call. ”I had an urgent big job come up,” ‘George’ said. “I may be able to help you next week with a bit of luck.” We put down the phone.

How We Dealt With Our Feelings of Rejection

At first, we thought the problem must be with us. Then we realized we probably had a lucky escape. If they don’t have fast response times when chasing new inquiries, we decided, just imagine how slow they will be in coming back if the repair did not work out. We are happy to report we found our dishwasher repairer on our fourth attempt. We had excellent same day service and you can guess who we will use in future.

We all went out to celebrate after the double-washing-up shift stood down. As we chatted over milkshakes, we remarked how some trades complain about having not enough business when they are slow responding to first inquiries. We all had anecdotes to share and laugh about with hindsight.

We wrote this post to assure you of our commitment to our customers. The promises we make at Stonegate Equity Ltd., are the promises we dedicate ourselves to keep.

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