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The Calgary Peace Bridge to the Future

There is far more to millennials than their stereotype of self-centred and egotistical suggests. That has been common of all emerging generations. Each one has been better educated and more tech savvy than before. So what sets the current emerging generation aside born between 1980 and 2000? Technology has romped ahead as never before, and they have dogged it and left most of us behind.

Aspects of the Millennial Mindset You May Not Know


Moreno, Lafuente, Carreó, and Moreno produced a paper titled ‘The Characterization of the Millennials and Their Buying Behavior’ in September 2017. Please follow this link if you need deeper information. At a superficial level, Millennials stand out from the rest of us in terms of the use and adaptation of technology in their daily lives, as well as values, life experiences, motivations, and common buying behaviors.

They have lived through more change in their short lives than any previous generation. They have witnessed the birth of digital, and survived a cold war on the brink of nuclear. They are standing on the threshold of climate change that will lead them who knows where. No wonder the first digital natives want everything now and instant gratification.

At the same time, they are far more environmentally aware than their parents ever were. They are also more in the present moment, and want to know the socio-environmental impacts of their purchasing decisions. If they buy an appliance, they ask where it comes from. They will consider a carbon footprint carefully before they purchase a new home.


The Financial Bind Millennials Find Themselves In


Being the best-educated generation ever has come at a cost. Canadian millennials face a mountain of student debt. They are demanding the government stops charging interest on student loans so they can catch up. Many may only settle theirs in their late thirties and forties, by which time the cost of a typical Calgary home may be beyond reach.

So where does that leave you if you have an older home to sell. If it was built more than twenty years ago, it is probably energy inefficient, and “antisocial” by green norms. Instant gratification is unlikely to want to spend a decade fixing it up with manual tools, as opposed to exploring new technologies on smartphones.

But all is not lost. Millennials exceeded baby boomers in numbers for the first time in 2017. We have many baby boomers on our books who will appreciate the value of the older home you want to sell. Please call Stonegate Equity on 587 500-0417 if you would like to explore your options. We have qualified buyers on our books. Who knows what could happen when we meet?

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Image: The Calgary Peace Bridge to the Future: Ryan Quan BY CC 3.0