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Most realtors are on the side of purchasers because the buyer pays their commission, and they make nothing if they do not force through the deal. One old chestnut is claiming they have loads of qualified buyers lined up to convince you to list. Another is having cast-iron alibis when these people do not show. However, these are just the obvious ruses. Read on to discover the secrets realtors do not want you to know.


How Realtors Convince You to List with a First Call


Realtors are in listening mode during the first conversation. Because  they want you to like them before they to convince you to list with them. After they learn your interests, they suddenly share the same ones. If you have a dog they love pets, if you just planted petunia seedlings they are crazy about gardening, you get the drift. They will not end the call without some success. You end up at least promising not to list elsewhere until they share their marketing plan.


How Realtors Discover the Decision Maker in the House


The average realtor asks for a member of the family to take them on a tour shortly after breaking the ice. Experience tells them the person who takes control of the viewing is the decision maker. They may not need to convince you to list, if that person is your partner and you the spouse. Each time their guide points out a redeeming feature the realtor will be sure to have a reason why it does not add value. “Your swimming pool won’t add much to the price with increasing solar radiation.”


How Realtors Close the Gap without You Noticing


The realtor knows listing is close. Their number of qualified buyers set the stage, you really like them, and they seem to know what they are doing. They have all their reasons lined up to motivate a price ‘at least much as …”  and they are experts at drip feeding market information you have no way of checking in the present moment. The chances are excellent they profiled you before they called, and know exactly which buttons to press to convince you to list.


Why Stonegate Will Never Convince You to List


We do not need to convince you to list because we seldom advertise individual properties as realtors may do. We simply bring you an offer with all the conditions included. We want you to have absolute certainly regarding your commitments. We offer no surprises, quick sales, and clean deals in Calgary. Call (587) 500-0417 to get started with the quick sale of your home.

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