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fast financial relief

Chaparral SE, Calgary: Brian Skinner: Public Domain


The Calgary property market is still providing ups and downs for property owners, no matter how hard we try to manage the rental market. One moment, our units are all full, the next we lose two good tenants who decide to relocate to improve their prospects. Having to keep rents low in a tenant’s market means we do not have that much swing room either. Yet we still have bills to pay without the prospect of fast financial relief.


And Then Comes the Tenant from Hell


Our worst fears materialise when a tenant skips ten days into the month without paying the rent. Their deposit turns out inadequate to cover the mess. The shower door is smashed and the carpet is flooded. We must fix this, but where do we find the money.

We go to the bank, but they tell us we already overextended. Apparently, they changed our risk profile because we are in the property business and rentals are under pressure. If you find yourself in this position and your next big challenge is mortgage payments, consider discussing your position with Stonegate Equity Ltd.  We have access to a steady flow of funds. We could provide the fast financial relief you need in three days.


Two Options to Consider Under Your Circumstances


Your best option may be to sell your rental property/s in the condition they are in. We have a steady stream of active investors wanting a stake in Calgary real estate. We are not agents. We are deal makers. We take care of both sides of the bargain for a fee.  We may even bid to buy the property ourselves if it suits our investment portfolio.

However, this may not suit your particular circumstances. Perhaps you need to retain your property as an asset so your balance sheet looks good and you protect your credit. In that case, you may like to consider an option where you retain title for 2 – 3 years on a deferred purchase basis. During this period, the buyer takes over the financial obligations and their agreed expenses defray the purchase price.


Obtain Fast Financial Relief through Stonegate Equity Ltd


Obtaining extra leverage through fast financial relief is the backbone of many large, successful businesses in Calgary. Consider discussing your situation in confidence with Stonegate Equity Ltd. We are local. We have feet on the ground. We understand the local conditions landlords face in Calgary.